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I have been designing websites for a few years now, with experience in adapting HTML coding that goes all the way back to my childhood. About a year ago, after receiving many compliments on my personal website, I began working on website designs as a side project to build up my portfolio and experience in order to launch this business.

I have experience in HTML and CSS coding, but I design through


Web Design

  • Saves you money! 
    Wix provides me with the ability to quickly and easily design a website. 
    Less time spent on my end messing with coding = less of a cost for the client!


  • Domain hosting & ad removal included!
    Wix has several plans designed to provide the client with web hosting, a domain name, and ad removal.

  • Client takes over!
    Once completed, the site is able to be transfered to the client. This means YOU can take over edits on YOUR website without having to pay me for each change. 
    And it's as easy as editing a word document!


Artistrty in MoTION

Owner: Lauren Fealtman
Website Type: Business


“Mackenzie worked her magic to create a modern and elegant website for my business. As a new studio owner, I was full of ideas and she patiently worked through all my edits to capture the essence of our brand. Mackenzie promptly returns emails/texts and designs a finishing product
that makes a statement!”
- Lauren Fealtman

Jon Rossi

 rossi drums

Owner: Jon Rossi
Website Type: Individual


Owner: Jon Rossi
Business Type: Podcast